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Who We Work With

Thames Valley Partnership

The Thames Valley Partnership is an established charity, with solid experience of delivering a broad range of support services to both victims and offenders and their families.  The charity also offers mentoring to young people who may benefit from a timely intervention when they are struggling and need a little guidance and  a listening ear.  Seeing first hand experience of the impact of crime  on real lives, they work hard to influence strategy and drive positive change.  The Thames Valley Partnership looks to create long lasting, sustainable solutions to the problems of crime and social exclusion in our communities; working with a focus  on protection, early intervention and positive encouragement,  rather than punishment.


The charity offers mentoring, advocacy, emotional, practical and crisis support to help turn around  the lives of those  who need our support and enable them to look towards a brighter future. The partnership team and partners work innovatively  and with a passion, to address these  challenging and often complex issues across the Thames Valley and beyond.   



At 3M™, we’ve designed advanced optical technology that delivers visual privacy and screen protection trusted the world over. It’s your first line of defence against visual hackers, physical screen damage and screen glare. 3M™ offers products that fit over 40,000 devices, so chances are 3M have got the right product to help protect your screen, and help keep the information displayed on it, private.


Visual hacking, or the capture of confidential information using visual means, is a real threat to cyber security.


To help manage the risk of a data breach, IT Managers often implement digital controls like authentication, encryption and firewalls. But what about confidential data visible on screens? Most IT leaders admit visual hacking is a significant risk for their organisation.


3MPrivacy Filters are an easy-to-implement first defence from costly breaches and an essential part of a comprehensive IT data security plan.

With more employees working outside the office, and the rising threat of visual hacking, more organisations are requiring 3M™ Privacy Filters as part of their complete data security plan.   Is your organisation doing all it can to protect its data from visual hackers?


If you would like a free evaluation kit, please contact 3M™ :


Surface Technology International

Surface Technology International Limited provides a full end-to-end engineering service with integrated design, engineering and manufacturing support within the electronics manufacturing sector covering Aerospace and Military, Healthcare and Sciences, Energy, Industrial and Commercial capabilities. STI Limited is headquartered within Hook, Hampshire with manufacturing sites also at Poynton, UK and Cebu, Philippines.


STI are ISO 9001, 13485, 14001, 27001, 45001, Nadcap and AS 9100 certified. They first held Cyber Essentials for over 5 years.  The management team of STI strongly believe in taking security seriously within their business and supply chain.


FORTNet UK - Cyber Defence by Design 

FortNet are a friendly and helpful independent Cyber Security Consultancy.

As Strategic Sourcing specialists we work side by side our customers to help them select the vendors and solutions that they need, often introducing them to lower cost & more current technologies and services than they were considering or even aware of.

We help our customers to understand the risks that they face within their particular industry and the potential impact to their business of a breach. Understanding these areas ensures their resources and budgets are used wisely whilst significantly reducing their overall risk of being successfully compromised.

Our services include network health assessments, staff training, security monitoring services (SOC), secure cloud backup and a 3rd party risk management platform (Supply Chain).

We have customers within the construction, financial, legal, media, healthcare and manufacturing industries.

As a special offer to SECRC members we are happy to provide either a complimentary network assessment or online security training for your employees. This all starts with a complimentary security, no obligation consultation. You might find it easiest to schedule an exploratory consultation with our online calendar: but if you prefer please call or email us.

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Hampshire Chamber of Commerce

Hampshire Chamber of Commerce is owned and led by its membership comprising of local business organisations of all sectors and sizes. As a private sector, not for profit Company we are independent and can therefore lobby effectively to make Hampshire the place to do business.

We hold over 100 events every year including our annual conference which strive to give all members the opportunity to learn, meet new contacts and promote their business through networking or promotional opportunities.

We also provide Training services, International Trade services, a host of membership benefits and member offers, and links to a variety of groups and committees.


Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce

At Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce, we have solutions to help your business to;

• GROW – your market, your profile and your bottom line
• PROTECT – essential services such as HR, H&S, legal and tax cover included in your membership fee
• CONNECT – through events, introductions and wide reaching social networks, spanning the globe
• SAVE – exclusive low cost benefits and access to funding
• LOBBY – We feed YOUR views to government, hold them to account and push for change

Click here for more detail on membership benefits.

There’s a Chamber of Commerce dedicated to every region of the UK. As a result, we’re uniquely placed to help businesses of every size and sector. Meaning from micro one-person businesses to our country’s largest employers, we’re all in it together, locally, nationally and globally.

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Surrey Chamber of Commerce

Surrey Chambers of Commerce is the county’s largest independent not-for-profit business support and networking organisation. We utilise the expertise and experience of thousands of businesses (55,000 business people). Sitting at the heart of the business community, Surrey Chambers of Commerce acts as a catalyst by connecting you to opportunities, skills, knowledge and valuable contacts. We help you to grow and develop by promoting you, keeping you informed and representing you locally, regionally and nationally. 


By joining the Chamber your business has the best chance to thrive and prosper. All of our services and products are directed by the business community for the business community.

We connect over 5,000 business people every year, providing a range of high quality services to help you grow your business, increase your contacts and obtain the right kind of support for your organisation.

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Sussex Chamber of Commerce

Sussex Chamber of Commerce is one of only 53 Chambers in the UK to be accredited by the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC). The BCC was established 150 years ago in 1860 and is the national body for a powerful and influential Network of Accredited Chambers of Commerce across the UK - a network that directly serves not only its member businesses but the wider business community.


Accredited Chambers of Commerce exist to make a difference to your business, through ensuring your views are heard within Government, opening new business opportunities in local, national and international markets, or providing critical business advice, services and skills development. High on the BCC's agenda is helping British business thrive, so the BCC works with Government to shape policy affecting businesses. It also focuses on key areas of activity including International Trade, Skills Development and Business Services.


For further information on the BCC, visit


Fortis DPC Limited


The mission of Fortis DPC Limited is to serve the business community as well as charities, churches, and schools building long-term relationships and working alongside our clients.

Data Protection is vital in business today and client data is as prized as customers themselves. We will deliver full-service compliance to businesses delivering peace of mind to business owners and leaders.


 To become the trusted compliance partner for businesses across Europe, the USA, Australasia, South America, South Africa, and beyond. To deliver compliance and certification to regulations and standards across all territories and to continue to offer more services to both new and existing clients through our value of continuous improvement.

As a full-service business, we differentiate from others by offering our solution at a fixed price making budgeting simple and predictable, and reducing the amount of resources needed by our clients to achieve compliance.

Our compliance work is to ISO27001 standards and in the UK, to Cyber Essentials standards which helps clients on their data protection journey.

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Psybersafe specialises in online cyber training. Specifically, it uses proven psychology and behavioural science to ensure that the training results in changed habits and behaviour. We believe that most of the current cyber training available focuses simply on handing out information. But it is individual behaviour that is the best defence against cyber-attack. 

An online training programme, Psybersafe is agile, hard-hitting and effective, and an excellent resource for practical, behaviour-driven interactive episodes with tips and tricks on how people can protect themselves and their organisations. Your staff need good quality, constant training.



XaaS was founded in 2021 by Matt White and Sarah Hurley.  After many years spent working in cyber security with all sizes of companies from global luxury brands like CHANEL to small tech start-ups, they developed a belief that cyber security should be achievable by everyone, rather than just the global elite. 


To enable this XaaS is built around a self-service platform that can assess, score, and provide a simple self-help remediation plan for cyber security (or as they call it cyber-health).  XaaS believes that whilst cyber security is a necessity, now more than ever, it doesn’t have to be expensive and scary.