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Thames Valley Partnership

The Thames Valley Partnership is an established charity, with solid experience of delivering a broad range of support services to both victims and offenders and their families.  The charity also offers mentoring to young people who may benefit from a timely intervention when they are struggling and need a little guidance and  a listening ear.  Seeing first hand experience of the impact of crime  on real lives, they work hard to influence strategy and drive positive change.  The Thames Valley Partnership looks to create long lasting, sustainable solutions to the problems of crime and social exclusion in our communities; working with a focus  on protection, early intervention and positive encouragement,  rather than punishment.


The charity offers mentoring, advocacy, emotional, practical and crisis support to help turn around  the lives of those  who need our support and enable them to look towards a brighter future. The partnership team and partners work innovatively  and with a passion, to address these  challenging and often complex issues across the Thames Valley and beyond.   



At 3M, we’ve designed advanced optical technology that delivers visual privacy and screen protection trusted the world over. It’s your first line of defence against visual hackers, physical screen damage and screen glare.  3M offer products that fit over 50,000 devices, so chances are 3M have got the right product to help protect your screen, and help keep the information displayed on it, private.


Visual hacking, or the capture of confidential information using visual means, is a real threat to cyber security.


To help manage the risk of a data breach, IT Managers often implement digital controls like authentication, encryption and firewalls. But what about confidential data visible on screens? Most IT leaders admit visual hacking is a significant risk for their organisation.


3MTM Privacy Filters are an easy-to-implement first defence from costly breaches and an essential part of a comprehensive IT data security plan.


With more employees working outside the office, and the rising threat of visual hacking, more organisations are requiring 3M™ Privacy Filters as part of their complete data security plan.   Is your organisation doing all it can to protect its data from visual hackers?


If you would like a free evaluation kit, please contact 3M: