The South East Cyber Resilience Centre has pulled together some of the top resources available making it easier for business to access them.  Just click on the picture to get more information.

Getting to Grips
with Cyber Essentials

The South East Cyber Resilience Centre (SECRC) working in conjunction with its Trusted Partners has produced a 6-part video series to educate businesses in the South East on Cyber Essentials and why businesses should become Cyber Essentials certified.

SECRC Student Services Social Media grap

Security Police Templates
from Sans

In collaboration with information security subject-matter experts and leaders who volunteered their security policy know-how and time, SANS has developed and posted here a set of security policy templates for your use.


To contribute your expertise to this project, or to report any issues you find with these free templates, contact us at


Resources and Guidance for Travel and Tourism Businesses

Businesses within the travel and tourism industry are finding themselves as busy as ever, so now is the time to be even more cautious when it comes to keeping your and your customers’ information safe.


We have created a host of resources and guidance for businesses within the Travel and Tourism sector which you can find within our news feed.

SECRC tourism resources