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This service is recommended for those who have are looking to discover what information is said about your business online, including any information that employees are releasing or if there are any damaging news stories, social media posts or associations. It is often used to help business owners, senior leaders, and executives to discover any information that could be used by cyber criminals to carry out targeted Phishing attacks.

Information gained from this type of activity may also be used by cyber criminals during early preparation stages of a cyber-attack. As such, this service will help you to understand if there is a poor online security posture that makes your organisation attractive to cyber criminals, in the same way that a burglar may walk down a road looking for anti-theft protection methods or open windows and unlocked gates.

For example, if an employee’s email address is publicly available online this is similar to a burglar finding a faulty lock on a window to your premises. Cybercriminals can configure the format of your companies email addresses and discover your employees online and put together the jigsaw puzzle. Once the puzzle is complete, the email address then provides an entry point for cyber criminals as they could use it to send a phishing attack.

The service is delivered in line with and tailored to the client brief, where we will determine the concerns you have, any particular objectives you wish to achieve and give intended outcomes.


The discovery and delivery of this services is not invasive as there is no interaction with clients or employees, until after the report has been submitted. We only use publicly available information, internet searches and social media tools to source information.

The benefits of this service include:

  • The information gathered in this type of investigation can be used to support pre-employment checks.

  • Highlights how publicly available information might be used in an attack on a CEO of an organisation or their families.

  • The investigation is specifically tailored to the clients brief where objectives, concerns and outcomes are captured and outlined.

Once we have identified points and any other vulnerabilities, we provide recommendations and mitigations to tackle the identified vulnerability, so that you can take action to reduce your risk of suffering a cyber-attack as a result of this vulnerability.