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We will be producing webinars designed to help educate and inform businesses of the risk posed by cybercrime.

You can find all listed below.

Regional Threat Update

In the last 12 months, businesses in the South East continued to experience cyber attacks with 340 cybercrime incidents reported to Action Fraud alone, although we know that this is only the tip of the iceberg as many crimes go unreported.


Join Justin Torgout, Director for the SECRC as he is joined by Chris White Detective Inspector for the SECRC, Nick Harris, Associate Director Information Security and Cyber Resilience at Oxford Nanopore Technologies and Kieran Fowler, Senior Information Security Consultant for W@terstons for our first ever Cyber Inside Out webinar.


Together, they breakdown the picture of cyber crime in the South East over the last year and give guidance on how businesses can develop their cyber security, to avoid similar attacks happening.