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 Many SMEs and charities often believe they have nothing of value to offer to cyber criminals and more often than not, do not have the resources to put any cyber security policies and training in place at all which can leave staff exposed as their frontline defence against cyber-attacks.

If an attack has happened to your business previously, we can help further educate your team to better understand how protecting your organisation and its people to minimise the risk of this happening again. Security Awareness Training not only features prevention techniques, but also includes how to manage the situation if you do suffer an attack.

Often security awareness training covers online cyber aspects, however our Security Awareness Training additionally covers physical cyber related risk and mitigation.


Other topics covered will include:

  • The importance of password security

  • How two-factor authentication can prevent serious damage

  • Device, software, and application updates

  • Social media and the value of what you post online

  • Ransomware and its impact on small businesses

  • The effects of a cyber-attack including downtime, cost and reputational damage

  • How to use the policies you have in place to protect your business pre and post an incident taking place

The training is broken down into modules to make it straightforward for non-technical team members to digest.

The modules are adapted to suit the knowledge levels of those attending the training, specifically within your organisation. The content covers security training for you as a person and you as an employee, as our cyber hygiene behaviours can be easily implemented at home and within the workplace environment. 

Our accredited training will also gain attendees CPD points.