Exclusive Interview – Meet the SECRC Director

Justin Torgout, Detective Superintendent from Hampshire Police is the newly appointed Director of the South East Cyber Resilience Centre. We were able to spend some time with him to discuss his first few weeks and how his policing experience can help the centre develop and succeed.

How will your police experience help you as the new Director of the SECRC?

With over 25yrs in policing, I worked across a diverse number of policing functions

In my previous role, I lead Hampshire Constabulary’s Economic Crime and Cyber Crime Units and so I have a strong understanding of the risk posed by online and cyber offending both to communities but especially businesses and industry across the South East region

What will you be doing in your new role and what are the priorities?

The overarching aim of SECRC is to establish an effective partnership between Policing and the Commercial and Educational sectors which, through the provision of expert advice, tailored memberships and cost-effective services will be focused on strengthening the South East’s resilience to online crime and cyber- attacks

Why do you think the SECRC is so important for businesses in the region?

Cyber Security remains a largely unregulated sector and whilst many businesses understand the potential threat many don’t know how or where to go for reliable advice or guidance on how to make themselves less vulnerable. The SECRC seeks to act as nexus to local businesses and in delivering an effective cyber-security partnership between the public, private and academic sectors create a model of excellence and innovation

The SECRC will proactively work with businesses to raise awareness of the threat, provide tools and services to make businesses less vulnerable to attack and be the link between the National Cyber Security Centre and local businesses to ensure they receive real-time advice in response to emerging threats or live incidents.”

What are you looking forward to most in your new role?

This really is a new approach and in linking in with partners in further education and the commercial sector policing in the UK is at the forefront of tackling the threat posed by cybercrime. It’s an exciting time and a natural progression from the work I was doing with Hampshire Constabulary, personally I welcome the challenge, the ability to bring policing’s experience and drive into this new initiative and have a real, positive impact on local businesses, the local economy and the wider community

Why should businesses join the SECRC?

The commercial sector relies heavily on the strength of its ‘supply chain’; there are very few companies that manage their entire infrastructure and logistics and any one company is only as strong as its weakest link. With the landscape across cyber offending constantly changing all business have to recognise the need to protect themselves and their customers from online and cyberattacks.

Most significantly the Centre will seek, for the benefit of the wider commercial sector, to engage and support hard to reach businesses and organisations who would otherwise be unable to access affordable cyber security solutions. The SECRC seeks to act as nexus to local businesses and in delivering an effective cyber-security partnership between the public, private and academic sectors create a model of excellence and innovation

Anything else you would like to add?

CRCs are not in competition with the cyber security sector and will work with the industry and academia to develop and deliver appropriate products and services that support and advise organisations above and below the cyber poverty line to build their cyber confidence and through raising knowledge, awareness, and by influencing the application of best practice behaviour seek to make the South East the safest cyber region within the UK.

Businesses can get involved in a range of ways; from Board membership, joining our Experts and Advisory Groups through affiliation as a IASME accredited Trusted Partner or by signing up for one of the membership packages available inclusive of a free option for companies with less than 50 employees.

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